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Project LocationProject TypeYearGrant Funding (Total Cost)
Six Mile Creek, Town of CarolineStream restoration2005$132,200 ($650,000 + funds from DEC, SWCD, City of Ithaca, CCAP, Town of Caroline, Triad Foundation)
Virgil Creek, Town of DrydenStream restoration2005$47,000 ($500,000 funds from FEMA and Town of Dryden)
Genoa/Lansing Town Line Road, Town of GenoaRoadbank stabilization2005$3,000 ($22,000 labor and equipment from Town of Genoa)
Wyers Point Road, Town of OvidConsulting on roadbank stabilization2005Engineer volunteered time to discuss options
Salt Point, Town of LansingHabitat restoration2007$51,000 (total $102,000; $51,000 local match)
Watershed-wideHydroseeding work in four counties2009$26,500 (total $53,000)
InterlakenStormwater retention2009-2012$34,000 (total $68,000; $34,000 in-kind match)
Watershed-wideRPP Update2015-2017$29,700 (total $58,400)