Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization

The following projects have been submitted by watershed partners for consideration. The Project Advisory Committee will be tasked with ranking these projects to support future funding opportunities.
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Project IDRankingNameDescription/GoalsPartnersFunding Source(s)LinksProject Documents
2019-01Environmental Protection Overlay TrainingDevelop and present a training program for municipal boards to improve understanding of and encourage development/adoption of environmental overlay districts.TBDPjt_2019-01_Envir_Prot_Overlay.pdf
2019-02Private/Public Timber Harvesting TrainingTraining on Timber Harvesting for municipalities and a separate training on Timber Harvesting BMPs for logging companies (what’s expected, BMPs). Discussion of model local laws and/or good examples from other rural towns that regulate logging activities in a pragmatic matter.TBDPjt_2019-02.pdf
2019-032Cayuga lake Watershed Rules and RegulationsDevelop a community supported set of watershed rules and regulations leading to the development of a watershed inspector position.TBDPjt_2019-03.pdf
2019-048Hackberry Lane/Coy Glen Erosion Control and Streambank RemediationStreambank survey, remediation design, and implementation of BMPs to address streambank erosion.Town of Ithaca; Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-04.pdf Pjt_2019-04_map.pdf
2019-04a13Woodgate LaneStreambank survey, drainage delineation, slope stabilization, and upstream mitigation projects to address potential municipal stormwater runoff causing erosion and reduce nutrient loading to tributaries to Cayuga Lake.Town of Ithaca; Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-04a.pdf Pjt_2019-04a_map.pdf
2019-056Seven Mile DriveStreambank stabilization and revegetation with possible buffer installation to reduce sediment loading and maintenance.Town of Ithaca; Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-05.pdf Pjt_2019-05_map.pdf
2019-074South Hill TrailStreambank assessment required to support streambank stabilization and possible re-grading plan to reduce sediment loading to creek.City of Ithaca; Town of Ithaca Pjt_2019-07_map.pdf
2019-089West King Rd.Installation of outlet protection and possible drainage velocity control retrofits to reduce stormwater velocity, reduce sediment and nutrient loading, and protect road infrastructure.Town of Ithaca; Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-08.pdf Pjt_2019-08_map.pdf
2019-09Cayuga Inlet/Eddydale Farm StandThe Project would seek to prevent further erosion of the Cayuga Inlet streambank by strengthening the riparian buffer.Town of Ithaca, Tompkins SWCDPjt_2019-09.pdf
2019-1015Trumbull's Corners Rd.Design and construction of streambank stabilization practices to control erosion/bank failure and reduce sediment loading.Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-10.pdf Pjt_2019-10_Photos_UpstreamBank-1.pdf
2019-11Enfield Elementary SchoolSignificant streambank erosion at culvert under Enfield Rd, possible bank stabilization.Town of EnfieldPjt_2019-11.pdf
2019-123Ditch Management Remediation ProjectUpgrade all road ditches located on steeply sloped areas adjacent to Cayuga Lake to reduce sediment and nutrient pollution from the ditch network connected to streams which enter Cayuga Lake.Town of Ulysses Highway Department; Cornell University, CALS; Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-12.pdf Ulys_Twn_RES__for_Ditch_Management_Remediation_for_IO.pdf
2019-1310Caroline Elementary School / Six-Mile CreekStream survey, streambank stabilization and in-stream stabilization design; signage and curriculum components to reduce nutrient and sediment loading to Six Mile Creek, and the added beneficial opportunity to provide outdoor education to elementary students.Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-13.pdf
2019-1411Lychuck Streambank RemediationInstall upstream cross veins to reduce velocity/dissipate energy and return to more natural flow patterns.Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-14.pdf Lychuck_Existing_Stream-1.pdf
2019-1520 Middaugh RoadBeaver Creek area needs possible vegetation plantings to aid in erosion control in the floodplain.Town of CarolinePjt_2019-15.pdf
2019-1617Middaugh FarmIntegrated stream management project to address streambed and bank erosion and resulting loss of farmland to improve water quality and aquatic habitat.Tompkins County SWCDPjt_2019-16.pdf
2019-1720Wyllie's/Brooktondale RdStreambank erosion control and stream alignment including installation of upstream and on-site cross veins, bank armoring and buffer planting.Tompkins County SWCD; Town of CarolinePjt_2019-17.pdf
2019-19Forestry & Silviculture RegulationResearch on existing regulations and disseminate information.Town of CarolinePjt_2019-19.pdf
2019-2018Campbell Meadow ParkGravel clean out and streambank stabilization to improve water quality and reduce erosion in Fall Creek.Tompkins County SWCD; Dryden TownPjt_2019-20.pdf
2019-211Covert Salt BarnBuild a permanently covered salt barn with an impermeable base to store and mix salt and stone, and reduce sediment and chloride loading to an unnamed tributary to Cayuga Lake. Town plans to submit under next round WQIP funding.Town of CovertPjt_2019-21.pdf
2019-22Darling Road Outlet Protection and StabilizationReduce velocity of culvert discharge from Sheldrake Creek during storm events.Town of Lodi Highway DepartmentPjt_2019-22.pdf
2019-23a16Interlaken Detention Pond and Soil Stabilization/Streambank RestorationPlan, design and construct a detention pond and install shoreline buffer to slow velocity and reduce downstream flooding on private property and reduce sediment and nutrient loading into nearby streams. Additional goals are to reduce flood impact risks in and around the village.Village of InterlakenPjt_2019-23A.pdf LWRP_-_Project_Idea_-_Interlaken.pdf
2019-2714Salmon Creek Stabilization, Myers ParkInstall 350 feet of rip-rap for shoreline protection on Salmon Creek. Project has been included as a component of Town of Lansing's Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan which has recieved grant funding from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation. For more information on the Master Plan for Myers Park visit and for more informaiton on the grant visit of LansingPjt_2019-27.pdf Myers_Park_Streambank_Stabilization_1.pdf Myers_pt_e-mail.pdf
2019-295Salmon Creek Stream RealignmentRealignment of approximately 1,650' of Salmon Creek due to lateral migration of Salmon Creek channel to reduce sediment and mitigate flood risk and impacts.Town of Lansing; Tompkins County SWCDpjt_2019-29.pdf TLansing_FY2020-FMA-Project-LOI.pdf
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