Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization

Do you…

  • Have ideas for water quality projects that would benefit the Cayuga Lake watershed?
  • Have flooding or stormwater problems in your municipality?
  • Need help on a water quality protection project?
  • Need assistance to find funding?
  • If your municipality or organization has water quality project ideas that either need grant funding or assistance to implement, please submit the idea using the project submission form[1].

CWIO provides assistance to projects that have been submitted and ranked as important to the Cayuga Lake watershed. CWIO can help connect municipalities to the resources they need to implement water protective measures.

Project ideas can vary widely. Some examples:

  • Sediment and erosion reduction, flood and stormwater issues, hazard mitigation, stream bank stabilization, retention ponds, wetlands restoration, ditch management improvements, etc.
  • Engineering and design– many projects require design or engineering work prior to applying for the funding to do the actual in-ground work.
  • Planning – develop plans such as Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans (LWRP), Drinking Water Source Protection Plans (DWSP2), Comprehensive Plans, Resource Inventories, etc.
  • Training and Education – demonstrations, workshops, or educational materials relating to improved water quality protections targeting groups such as Planners and Planning Boards, Highway Departments, Stormwater Managers, Elected Officials, etc.
  • Data – to identify water quality problem areas such as mapping, water quality indicators, etc.
  • Or projects that fall outside the box – collaborations, developing Best Management Practices, or other tools that would be useful to municipalities and protective of water quality.

See more details about submitting project ideas


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